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Assessing the Quality of GitHub Copilot’s Code Generation

Published in 18th International Conference on Predictive Models and Data Analytics in Software Engineering (PROMISE '22), 2010

This paper is about the assessment of the code generated by GitHub Copilot in terms of validity, correctness and efficiency.

Recommended citation: Your Name, You. (2015). "Paper Title Number 3." Journal 1. 1(3).'s_Code_Generation



CS115 Lab Tutor

Undergraduate course - CS115, Bilkent University, CS Department, 2019

Helped CS 115 (Introduction to Python) students with their lab assignments. Guided them to use the concepts covered in the course properly during the lab.

PHYS 102 Lab Grader

Undergraduate course - PHYS102, Bilkent University, Physics, 2020

Graded PHYS 102 students’ lab reports.